Kuthira Bwino Launch in Zambia

14 Apr 2016

A new “Applique Bien” programme was recently launched in Zambia under the local name of KUTHIRA BWINO.

On January 20th, all the employees of Cargill and also some local officials (the District Commissioner Chipata, the Regional Inspector Cotton Board, ZEMA inspector) were invited to the launch ceremony of Kuthira Bwino in Chipata.

Kuthira Bwino (Applique Bien in Nyanja) is a new implementation of Arysta Stewardship programme in Africa. In Zambia, the programme will focus on the Eastern Province in partnership with Cargill and supported by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency.

“Cargill has been active in Zambia since 2006 and works with 70,000 smallholder farmers. The company is a reliable counterpart in improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. Our programme is a unique opportunity for them as we will provide interactive trainings on application techniques, protection of the user & the environment with no cost to their farmers” said Marcel Dreyer, CEO of Arysta LifeScience Southern Africa.

The launch ceremony was held outside with the truck as a central element. The programme was introduced by Marcel Dreyer, CEO of Arysta LifeScience Southern Africa, then followed by a demonstration of the mobile training unit by Marius Bosch, Business Manager Export Southern Africa.

The Kuthira Bwino pick-up has been specifically customized with all the necessary equipment to perform trainings in the field.

“Our well-equipped vehicle will travel to villages in order to promote responsible use of our products. Cargill’s technical team is very enthusiastic about our programme and they will support us in its development in the region” said Marius.

“It is our corporate responsibility to support and monitor farmers in order to ensure the safe and effective use of our products. We hope that our Kuthira Bwino programme in Zambia will help the farmers to improve their yields safely” said Marcel Dreyer during his presentation.

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