Production & Formulation

The heart of Arysta LifeScience in Africa lies in the world-class formulation facilities situated at Canelands, north of Durban, South Africa
This facility was started in 2000 and has been continuously upgraded and expanded to meet the growing demand for quality products. This is combined with value for money pricing achievable through adding local value with domestic production facilities.
The formulation plant currently employs over 150 locally appointed staff all of whom receive regular training in all aspects of their work.


Production includes an ISO accredited liquid glyphosate facility with a production capacity of over 3 million litres of glyphosate 360 equivalents per annum. This is without doubt the largest glyphosate amination plant in Africa and is kept well utilized by the ever-increasing demand for Glyphosate products throughout Africa.
A further series of liquid formulation facilities at the same site have a combined production capacity of a further 10 m L per annum of a wide range high quality liquid herbicides.
All production is monitored with a quality control laboratory and specialized staff to ensure that the quality of all products is kept at a consistently high level.
Filling and packaging is done automatically and only SABS approved quality polypropylene packaging is used for this purpose.
Of major importance to the Farmers of Africa has been the new high-load, easy to use wettable granular herbicides formulated in Durban. This Granular Power concept has brought improved environmental characteristics to these products as well as being more user-friendly for the farmer and his operators.
Housed in a separate production area are the two granulation plants; one facility is used mainly for the production of high-load wettable granular products. The second granulation facility produces a specialized pan-granulated herbicide dedicated for the export market.

The supply chain

Product distribution throughout Southern Africa is managed through four major warehouse nodes situated in Phoenix, near Durban, Pomona outside Johannesburg, Paarl in the Western Cape and Port Elizabeth in the expanding markets of the Eastern Cape.
At any one time, an average of 5000 Tons of ready-to-use packaged and labelled products are stored in these warehouses.
The Supply Chain team of 50 people manages the acquisition and distribution of this product with the help of state-of-the-art computer facilities and programmes.